The Merit Saskatchewan Story

Merit Contractors Association, founded in 1988, is the only open shop association in Saskatchewan. Merit Saskatchewan is part of a Canada-wide network and a founding member of Merit Canada. We are proud to support the open shop construction community, over 85% of the contractors in the province.

Merit Saskatchewan was originally established by six contractors (a combination of generals, mechanical and electrical) to promote open shop contracting. Since then, our membership has expanded significantly and includes contractors from every segment of the industry. The force that binds these various contractors together is their commitment to the Merit philosophy and their desire to provide the best for their employees.

Our Vision

To be the leading force for the open shop construction industry

Our Mission

To support and advocate for the future of the open shop construction industry

Our Mandate

  1. Our priority is Saskatchewan
  2. We partner with national and regional entities when support is needed
  3. We deliver on our mission through a focus on four core areas (as stated in the Bylaws):
  • To promote the open shop and merit shop concepts to industry participants, all levels of government, and the general public in order to foster an overall working environment that is productive, safe and cost-efficient.
  • To provide a competitive benefits package to our members and their employees.
  • To promote the construction trades as a superior career choice through the provision of apprenticeship-related programs and initiatives to members.
  • To support the human resource needs of members through the provision of relevant, affordable and high-quality training programs and other pertinent tools that encourage personal growth and industry advancement.